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Mom Blogger Kristin Cruz

Kristin Cruz became a Mom Blogger in 2008 for Clear Channel radio. When asked to name the site “The Mommy Blog” she realized that sharing relatable stories about Motherhood could help so many women. Fans called her show to talk about everything from Pregnancy to Parenting. Kristin was inspired to share her IVF journey on the air, including the birth of their son! Soon after she became a Certified Baby Planner to better help her mom-to-be community. Kristin changed the name of the blog to iHeart Moms when she chose to continue to write & work on creating a charity for expecting mothers.

So what is a Mommy Blogger anyways?

What do they do? What do they want?

Many mommy bloggers say their online aspiration is to connect with women who share the same experience. And many readers will say that prior to “Mom Blogs”, the honest truth of motherhood was scarcely found in mainstream media.

Brands and businesses have a reason too. These companies have started to connect tech-savvy writer-moms to women consumers spending $2 trillion a year on their families. Those big numbers are now affected by what bloggers publish.

Well-rounded mommy bloggers have great insights, significant buying power and an ability to influence their peers. From big name companies to passionate start-ups, businesses pitch products at mom bloggers because in the end it has proven to help their bottomline. Readers trust the opinions of moms who they’ve become familiar with online and in the media. That influence works in the same way any woman would trust a recommendation from their girlfriend at work or mom-friend at school. We call this #Momfluence.

What does Kristin Cruz Blog about?

What kind of Blogger is she?

ME: I want to see women thriving, rich and happy in their lives. is more than a professional landing page for Google searches. My personal stories hope to Inspire, Motivate and help you Achieve great things in your life. I include: Work-stories from my career(s) in the Entertainment Business. Snippets of Hollywood history on set, in the studio, and behind the mic. Building a new legacy for myself, from the baby nursery after midnight feedings.

I post real Career/Family Life balance inspo and bold Mom 2.0 advice for any Mompreneur. My site also includes professional interviews, which I do because I’m a journalist who has access to experts. I’ve worked freelance, corporate, and at-home so I “coach” women transitioning back to the traditional workspace through my insights written in my blogs.

NOT ME: “News and sensationalism blogger: Some mommy blogger like attention and love being in the middle of a juicy news story or scandal. They scour the Internet and the blogosphere for the stories most likely to cause an uproar and quickly throw up their opinion for the world to comment on. They enjoy a good back and forth with a troll or two now and again.”

So not me. But I am often asked to appear on the news to talk about POP CULTURE so I do keep up on the news.

MY HUSBAND: Family-and-homemaking blogs are weblogs that feature commentary and discussions especially about homefamily, and parenting. Appellations in media reports of “mom blog,” “dad blog,” “parenting blog” and “family blog” refer to blogs of this type. Businesses seek to run advertising for household items and children’s merchandise on blogs of this type. The greater proportions of blogs are this type, like Fireman Matt’s recipe site called and a site I contribute to named

I am a mom. Therefore I have something to offer my fellow moms.

A mom, who blogs: For a lot of people a mommy blogger is a mom, who blogs. Even if she happens to blog about technologypoliticsfoodtravel or another topic altogether. It’s life from a Mom’s Point Of View. There are many women who are mothers, but do not usually write about mothering. They write about other aspects of life. There seems to be an assumption that if you are a mom and especially if you use the word “mom” or “mommy” in your blog name or twitter name that you are writing about parenting. But, there is so much more to being a Mom. Us moms know that😉

My input and expertience has been featured by various media outlets online, on TV, and in social media.

NBC TODAY Show Parenting Team

iHeart Media

Family Circle Magazine



Digital Hollywood


Moms LA

Club Momme

Hello Métier

KTLA Morning News, CBSLA, KCAL9 and more..


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