Famous Fails #Friday

Preach on Fails Famous Friday

I’m afraid of fails, now-a-days, for much different reasons than I was earlier in my life. Today I feel the weight of a giant ticking clock that reminds me of my age & responsibility I have to raise a family. I say to myself, or really, I yell to myself over the clanging clock  & screaming toddler “You don’t have any more time to chose the wrong path!”

Do you know what that does?

Paralyzes you. Renders you so afraid to screw up, that nothing gets done at all. You just sit there.

Do you know what the clock & the clock & the kids do? They keep on moving.

Let me tell you a short true story that happened to me just yesterday. I was being pitched for a show on a popular app that has been around for quite a while. They needed Mom Hosts to talk entertainment. That’s my brand and my expertise, so I felt good about this.

My rep came back to me yesterday & said they are passing on me. They want millennial moms. I immediately thought she was joking, & then I thought I might throw up. I couldn’t sleep last night & I had a freaking Taylor Swift song stuck in my head while battling my insomnia, just to add insult to injury.

There is a universal feeling that every actress gets when they see the commercial TV that they had auditioned for. You see that they cast a man. (This has happened to me.) And like every actor.. we say to ourselves.. I can be anything, except “that”.

You can only be you, so that’s that.

Move down & fearlessly click the video below. Watch these famous people fail & overcome. I know you might be tired of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps & reinventing yourself for yet another round. But, look at doing it differently this time. Feel the power of where you are in your life right now. I have achieved so much, & successfully worked my way up in a male dominated industry, & I’ve just lived a long time. Sorry but it’s all true. Can you relate? So own it.

You will hear more about this in my presence at a couple of upcoming events for Moms & Media. Join #MomsInMedia to stay updated.


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