Stick It To Me – Kabob Ideas For Busy Moms (who aren’t chefs!)

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Stick It To Me – Kabob Ideas For Busy Moms (who aren’t chefs)

So, I don’t cook. Big shocker there. I know it’s cool to be all “Jr. Chef” at home, but I just don’t have the skill-set, or the interest, honestly. I do love looking at pictures of gourmet creations by Pinterest moms & I am a TOTAL foodie. But I don’t need to be in the kitchen unless I’m grabbing ingredients for a cocktail. I’m a stellar bartender (and I’m certified. Little trivia about me.) So what’s a mom like us to do? KABOB IT!

Cook it. Cook it good.

This blog post lists easy-to-cook recipes that are healthy & on a stick. What more can a mom like me ask for? Kids love ‘em. And as the school year begins, we are going to need getting meals on the table that are quick, without sacrificing nutrition.

I’ve stolen from the Weight Watchers site. You may think “diet” but it’s really just “healthier” recipes. I’m not on the WW diet, but I probably should be. As an actress, I once booked the part of playing Valerie Bertinelli’s stand-in for Jenny Craig. True story.

So while I don’t have time to diet right now, and I try not to talk about such things in front of my daughter. (I just want her to grow up at least not hearing about warped body image crap from me— She’ll hear about it from enough outside sources, I’m sure.) I do try to discuss a “Healthy Lifestyle” with my children, and that naturally includes homemade dishes with lots of fruits and veggies.

Kabob Bakeshop Recipe


Kristin’s Kabob Bakeshop Recipe: The Strawberries are fresh and packed with antioxidants. The mini pancakes? Not so much. I buy the frozen kind, for a time-saver, and nuke ’em for 40 seconds. But “stick “them together, and I think it’s a total save for busy parents who want to serve up a semi-homemade, pretty healthy breakfast. (Top with a dusting of powdered sugar for a special occasion. Or, a Wednesday😉)

Here’s a cheat-sheet of recipes just in time for the school year. It has lots of pictures and easy step-by-step recipes for you, whether you can cook or not. Enjoy! And please add any easy recipe ideas that you like to make, in the comments below. We always need more fast yummy meal ideas, so please share the goods!


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