My Last Minute Valentine’s Day Super-Hacks to the rescue!

It’s the 11th hour. You done forgot about Vday didn’t ya? Or…

Maybe it’s just been a busy weekend with your man & you’ve just remembered a mommy-friend of yours who could use a sweet surprise.

Or, you’re like us, and you’ve already ditched the kids for a minute to do your romantic hotel “staycation”, but now that you are back home, you need to help the little ones feel special too (and just watch the fond memories of that luxurious spa massage fade away…. )

So here is your source/slash/hero for all things so amazingly creative that it will blow your non-DIY mind. I am shocked that more moms don’t have this site saved in the favorite bar. (Wow.. Favorite bars have really changed since motherhood haven’t they? Mine used to be behind an unmarked door in the bad part of Hollywood.)

Here are 28 Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day by a blogger/way crafty person at decor8 on WordPress. It’s my Last Minute Valentine’s Day Super-Hacks for moms like us. Thank goodness for blogging. Once again to the rescue.

28 Creative Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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