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I’ve found myself bringing the best to TV in so many different ways over the course of my career in entertainment. I was welcomed with open arms into the LA broadcasting community and from there I was able to grow my brand and my community of loyal listeners. I LOVE my SoCal family and friends that I’ve made by being on air, and making appearances in the community, hosting events, and representing companies I believe in.

All of this experience has lead me to this point! I remember interviewing Wendy Williams specifically one time about her jewelry line. She had such words of wisdom for me. And she looked fab as usual. I have been inspired by so many women in business and in the media industry. I want to bring all of that information and motivation to my friends.

I’m so happy to be able to make my own “TV Shows” on the web, for you to watch on your laptop or even on your phone, through so many new video outlets. My interviews and product picks are really honestly my favorite things. Just like I would let you in on a service or products I endorsed on LA Morning Radio, I can do the same thing online. Thanks to MomAngeles for supporting our video shows as we launch new fun “infotainment” that’s also, SHOPABLE! More to come…

Kristin Cruz is Officially “Bringing It” to MomAngeles.

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