MOM FAIR LIVE at UCLA: Expert Interviewing by Kristin Cruz

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My “Media Mom” team met an expert organizer, jewelry designer, mompreneur, dad-author, and more, when we went to UCLA for lunch last weekend. See who was there, & what went on. I was lucky to lead an amazing panel on the main stage. I even had a “celeb sighting” that my friend missed & she’s still mad. Laura are you still mad?

I spoke stage and gathered with a celeb-filled panel, talking about how to turn your passion into a legit business. We rocked it.

CLICK HERE for the whole story in pictures on Google+ –>

Join the newsletter now so you don’t miss MomFair LIVE! 2017 I expect us to see even more influencers, and inspiring businesspeople who want to help moms get back to work, or make work work for them! We have come a long way, but we have so much more to so. You can read more about my practices for a work/life balance and my personal take on how to be the best parent while fulfilling your creative self. It’s all here on the blog: KristinCruz.ME (I really have no shame 😉 Hey, I was once told “If you don’t promote yourself, who will?”)

#OOTD Thanks to my RocksBox team for the sparkle. I felt so pulled together & fresh: necklace & bracelet. Anthropology: Blouse

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