Host for San Diego’s ABC TV & CBS Radio

You may have seen me, or heard me, or tried on a hat with me, while I host live events, TV segments, or even late-night dedication shows on the airwaves.

Kristin Cruz” on CBS Radio was known as “Love Songs with Kris Toledo“. I’ve been the local celebrity that hosted many SoCal traditions like “Ladies Day at the Del Mar Races” (below) and Seasons Of Wishes at The Grove. I’ve rung the bell for the “Fastest Diaper Baby Race” at the Fairgrounds, and flipped the switched that lit Christmas Lights on Main Street at Disneyland. As a Radio Host I’ve been a lot of places, met a lot of people, and done a lot of things.

Kristin Cruz on CBS Radio Hosts: Ladies Day at the Del Mar Races

Having over 10 years of broadcasting experience, I have a steadiness that comes from confidence in my expertise and abilities as a show host, salesperson, and entertainer. The accomplishments I’ve made in entertainment are an integral part of my journey. As entertainers, we should be proud of what we have done in our careers, especially when the odds have been stacked against us, and we have overcome them. I’ve won contests and awards, which I worked hard for, and I can now kind of look back and finally give my self a pat on the back. When this crazy business gives you the chance to slow down for one minute and smell the roses, I’ve learned to deeply appreciate it, instead of panic about it. There’s plenty of time for panic on live radio or during a fashion emergency on stage 😉

With jobs under my belt from London to LA, I want to bring this knowledge and know-how to people who can use it to move toward their goals forward. I’ve had a long career in entertainment, getting paid to do things I love, and that makes me incredibly lucky. At this point in my life, I can say it’s been a fun ride, and I can’t wait to see what;s next.

A lot of people have been asking me. So here’s what I’ve finally come up with, thanks to some clarity, my incredible fans and the amazing input from my family and friends. I believe the next step is to be even more centered in who I really am, by continuing to write for magazines and online outlets, write this book I’ve started, finish another script, help others who need what I have to offer, and make select appearances that have max impact, so ultimately I can spend most of my time at home caring for my family. That is above all the most important and empowering thing in my life.

Entertainers and Show Hosts have a new challenge in the current modern media. We have to wear many many hats. Reading a teleprompter without messing up isn’t good enough. Cold-reads. Hitting the post. Executing a great interview. Not enough anymore. We now have to brand ourselves. We need to master social media, original content creation, and a whole new rhythm of communication. Then, we have to think about how we will parlay our success into our next evolution.

I’m setting out to help plan ahead (I have always loved to plan. I’m even a Certified Baby Planner. Little Trivia fact about me.) I hope I can put my “10,000 hours” to good use, so I can motivate others in achieving their dreams, and designing those dream to have a long lasting impact on their lives.

It’s lofty. But I’ve always been known to dream big. And I’m almost always underestimated.


Follow me for more here, on Podcasts, Magazines, and Live Speaking engagements. Here’s one of my latest talks featured on nationally syndicated radio show BROADScast.

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