How Ryan Seacrest surprised me at work, & then again on TV (with David Beckham).

Even though we both hosted morning radio shows in the same place, Ryan Seacrest & I had very different schedules. He often has to juggle (expertly I might add) many shows, so he’ll sometimes broadcast from the E! studio or on the road. It’s when he wasn’t in the building that he would leave me a surprise from time to time.

Just across from the 1st floor entrance in the subterranean parking garage, it waited for me. It was his parking spot! I was 7 months pregnant & his parking spot was right next to the elevators. Right there. So…. I parked in it. A lot.

When the gate opened for me just before 5:00am, I craned my neck & crossed my fingers to see around that corner for my VIP (Very Incredibly Pregnant) parking spot. If it was empty, SURPRISE!!!, my day was made.

So it didn’t surprise me at all when a new show came across my desk that surprised people all over America with a knock on their front door, from our very own Ryan Seacrest. It’s called Knock Knock on FOX– I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but grab a box of tissues before you do.


Ok so how does David Beckham connect with me in all of this?

You know I pop up on TV new shows as a “Pop Culture Expert” (still not entirely sure what that means) & I get hired to do social media stuff. I was invited to come down to set for Ryan’s new Knock Knock show. I’m a big supporter of positive programming, feel-good shows & honestly entertainment that I can watch with my kids. There aren’t enough shows the whole family can enjoy together- don’t get me started. So, of course I wanted to visit the set of a show that was helping people with a life-changing surprise at the door. How awesome is that?

Oh yeah, and something about David Beckham being there too.

Big surprise. I said yes.



Here’s a look behind the scenes & some snapshots that you didn’t see when the episode aired. I’m really proud of my friends who are working on this show. I’m moved by how truly nice & humble David Beckham is. And, I’m continually impressed with the dedication Ryan Seacrest makes to trying to balance out reality TV, making shows that educate & uplift.

It is not surprising that I’ve stocked up on tissues for the rest of the season. And don’t worry Ryan, now I take the stairs 😉


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