Hosting Awards: My Vegan Luncheon with Pink & Christina Applegate

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Christina Applegate, Kristin Cruz, Dr. Maggie DiNome

Hosting celebrity events are more than a j.o.b, but instead big experiences that I’m always open to, because sometimes they literally can change your life.

Last year you saw the hashtag #MyVeganSummer all over Twitter. It sparked some controversy. I got some funny looks, & funnier messages on Facebook from my friends & listeners: “Are you seriously Vegan now?” followed by “WHY would you do that?”


Here’s The Deal:  I made the personal pledge to live on a Vegan Diet, out of solidarity. I connected with Dr. Maggie Dinome after interviewing her for my morning radio show about the Margie Petersen Breast Center St. John’s Hospital Santa Monica. Long-story short.. She’s an inspiration. She’s also a Vegan. And the women I met through her, who have battled cancer and kicked it’s butt, are my personal reason for changing my lifestyle. They, changed my life.

Kristin and Pink Vegan Women and Cancer

Kristin hosting the Visionary Award ceremony honoring singer & Mom Alicia Moore (aka Pink)

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Well it’s SUMMER again and guess what that means? We’re back on another Vegan journey. I’m better educated, connected & inspired this Summer. I’m also motivated by some health issues. I’ve watched all the documentaries on Netfilx, & have 4 books downloaded on my iPhone Kindle App which I read anytime I have a spare minute (in line at Whole Foods, when I have insomnia, if I’m sitting in my car waiting for any number of things.)

Follow this blog to see micro-posts from my newbie Vegan perspective. I’m sharing what it’s like “turning Vegan”.. How to shop and eat in a restaurant and drive-thrus too, of course.. The must-have apps and sites I’m using.. Health gurus and celebs I’m turning to for help.. How much my weight has changed.. How to survive at home with 2 kids & a firefighter husband, who are all proud carnivores.

I’ll be your amateur-vegan reviewer of LA eateries including bakeries, candy shops, drinkeries, bars and bar snacks.. All mostly from my iPhone, in my car, from the Starbucks parking lot, with a sleeping toddler in the backseat.

Happy Veganing!

XO Kristin #MyVeganSummer (and #MyVeganWinter on Pinterest)

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