Holidays In Hollywood: KOST Christmas Music, Disney & No Kid Hungry

Kristin Josh Groban LACHSA

I start celebrating the Holidays early. Always have. And it became a real tradition when i began spinning Holiday Tunes on air over 10 years ago in San Diego. Christmas lights on Palm Trees and walks on the beach, still meant it was holiday-time as long as I had my PSL in one hand & my Hubby holding the other. For us, it’s always been a time for enjoying family, working hard, giving love, and being grateful for what we have.

You know I like to post about my talented friends & moms who are real movers & shakers in this crazy town. They do such exciting work to raise the bar in Hollywood, creating opportunities for women in media and devoting their talent & time to making a real difference in the world. I have been lucky to help lift some of their organizations and help get the word out. Over the years I’ve hosted Holiday events for Make A Wish, March of Dimes, and many more. I’m sharing with you now, so they get a bell rung for them (woot!) & I hope you feel inspired by them, & maybe even share their stories with others.

Tis the season & you’ve seen this proud mama posting pics of Izzy in the Santa Clarita Children’s Choir. All of those angelic faces bringing cheer to the toy drive & to the retirement home last week. I’m the mom who cries every time, like, the whole entire time. I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have a healthy happy kid. We have a good life.

As I look at those sweet kids I think about how fortunate we are as parents, and about how so many kids right here in our hometown are struggling with hunger not just during the Holidays, but all year long. They want to eat. They have no food at home. They’re just kids.

These kids need us. They need someone who can cause their precious faces to light up with a smile. These kids need someone they can count on. When you support No Kid Hungry today, that someone can be you.

In a country as wealthy as ours, there’s no reason even one child should go hungry. Yet there are millions of kids who are struggling right now. They’re counting on you. I’m in. Please join me & can I ask you to share this message? There is a YOUTUBE video at the bottom to like & share.

Every $10 dollars you give will provide up to 100 meals for a child who is still facing hunger. And you can help raise enough to provide 10 million more meals for kids across America who needs help. Can you imagine how good that will feel for you and for your family?


Teaching my kids the gift of giving to others who are in need is an essential part of our Holidays. We celebrate our good fortune & the ability we have to make a difference in the world. Moms are raising our little game-changers best we can, & to learn how good it feels to make a difference however they can.

A Dad of 3 here in Hollywood, Jeff Bridges has been a big supporter of No Kid Hungry. He’s the national spokesperson & if you have less than 1 minute to watch this short video you will see why he is so passionate about this project.

Let’s do this together. Send me your comments & pics of how you are helping others this holiday season. Share your traditions here 🙂

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