Mommy Makeovers When Kids Are The Makeup Artists! Why do I love this so much?

makeovers kids ladies

These Little Girls Gave Adult Women Makeovers And We All Need To Listen To The Kids More -via BuzzFeed

Who doesn’t love a good makeovers show? Thanks to our friends at BuzzFeed, this quick video added a little glitter (Never enough glitter!) & a lot of laughs to the day. Take a minute to learn life lessons from other kids. My kids are little zen buddist profits too, but I’m kind of tired of listening to them talk today. Just for like 5 minutes. I need to hear something, anything, else. #ladylike #tv The momtourage is loving this series. Check back in here for more favorite videos with my friends or media partners and check out what I’m liking on YouTube these days!

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