A Busy Mom’s 15 Minute Dessert Recipe Collection

You know I can’t cook, no matter how easy the recipe says it is. We’ve been over this. It’s embarrassing. I’m a disgrace to my fellow foodies. I can eat like nobody’s business but if I have to actually put a dish together…… I go blank.

Or, if I get a flash of inspiration to make a meal, I should be sure to make enough for an entire crew of Firefighters, cuz that’s who is coming over. (It’s been 12 days since my last oven fire. I feel good about it. One day at a time right?)

In short, my unfortunate kitchen skills mixed with my city lifestyle, lead me to be an excellent eater of fast/easy dishes, take-out, drive-thrus & delivery.EAT ICE CREAM

Here are a few ridonkulously delicious pictures with recipes that can be make fast & probably safely. I need to satisfy my sweet-tooth & there aren’t a lot of dessert delivery companies. Not enough of them, if you ask me.

chocolate sandwich

15 Minutes (or Less) Dessert Recipes (Everyone needs the #4 Chocolate Sandwich Cookies recipe as back-up for that horrible moment when you realize there are no more Girl Scout Cookies in the house

chocolate cookies martha recipe

Have fun drooooling. And please leave me a comment below if you have a yummy/easy recipe that’s too delicious to not tell people about!

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