My Sleep-deprived Demo of the Baby Bjorn (VIDEO) #MOMLIFE

Who can put on a BabyBjörn faster, Kristin Cruz or Laura Nickerson?? Big City Moms #biggedtbabyshower

Posted by Laura Nickerson on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Baby Bjorn Demo KristinReady for a fun Demo? You know me.. I take a bestie along for some of my crazy adventures and luckily this one isn’t camera shy. Laura & I take on the challenge of “baby-wearing”. In this video you’ll learn how to get all wrapped up with baby and make it look easy.

I’d say this is a regular Baby Bjorn Carrier Tutorial. But what WE did was chose to try on the baby wrap in TRUE mom form. If you’re a mom, that means you have to do everything with a bit of a challenge attached to it because our lives are not like they used to be. In this video we are operating on no sleep, 2 Starbucks & 6 chocolate mini muffins from Susie Cakes. That’s more like it!

Leave it to me & my pal VL (that’s short for “Valley Laura“) to take baby-wearing to a whole nother level.

Here we are taking a break from our journalistic duties covering the Big City Mom’s “Biggest Baby Shower Ever” event at Skirball Center. Big cameras down. iPhones up. Silly morning radio DJ cheeseball humor, ON!

Enjoy the results 😉


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