Chrissy Teigen to Heidi Klum. Moms OWNED IT on the Red Carpet.

I loved Chrissy Teigen, Emily Blunt on the Red Carpet AND I applaud Heidi for doing her own thing. She was still breathtaking. Confidence is always the most important “beauty factor”. I’ve been on both sides of the proverbial camera: Producing Music Videos for female artists to look their best on film, & also as a radio personality covering red-carpet events. Believe me! I was shocked by how much my face & body was seen by a camera lense when I got into radio. I thought it would be a lifetime of growing grey, eating tacos & going to work in sweatpants with a bunch of Disc Jockeys. I was really wrong. Thanks to talented and good looking radio personalities just down the hall (Yes YOU Ryan Seacrest), we all had to step up our game.

So what I know is what I know: Bring your confidence & wear your smile! I promise if you do that no one will ever know how much you are sucking it in, or that your self-tanner is blotchy where they can’t see. Show up. Own it.

Here’s my “Moms who OWNED IT” on the Red Carpet. #KLG got it right. #BestofLA #BestofOscars You are invited to blab about it on MomAngeles RADIO tonight with celeb-reporter-turned-mom Jill Simonian from CBS LA.

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