9 Best Podcast Picks for us Moms

Listening to my podcast

Lookin’ out for us gals. Whether it’s while you are waiting in that loooong line of cars for pick-up at school. Maybe you’re walking, jogging (good for you!) or taking the dog out to do his thing. I like to listen to podcasts while i’m grocery shopping. Here’s an easy pick list of the best podcasts for women that you should check out.. When you’re done listening to mine on MomAngeles RADIO of course 😉


“Chances are, your weekend plans involve being horizontal on your couch in a food-induced stupor (#same). But even so, that doesn’t mean old reruns of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” are your only option when it comes to entertainment.

Some pretty amazing women are hosting their own podcasts right now, offering inspiration and advice on love, sex, career, friendship, and everything else that matters to the modern female. So grab your phone and a pair of earbuds, and fire up one of these series:”

9 Women-Run Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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