5 Minutes to a Fast, Fun, Family Activities List

5 Minutes Top 5 #BestofLA with Kristin & Laura Links on MomAngeles.com

Weekly: 5 Minutes to Top 5 #BestofLA with Kristin and Laura >>>> Links on MomAngeles.com

When you need a delivery of information but you are driving, or working, or on the treadmill, you can click our link to get all caught up in just 5 Minutes.  

Kristin and Laura bring it in 5 Minutes or less.

I love when something new totally works! It has been needed & I’m hoping to add more #MomsInMedia to this community of broadcasters & we will get you all the info that you need to know in 5 Minutes of less, every week.

The new TV Talk Show is ready when you are.

This is how you get informed quickly, while being able to multi-task through your busy day. We have all kinds of great insight from experts & success stories from motivators on our other weekly show. That longer weekly show is called #MomBlab and it covers Parenting & Lifestyle issues for everyone. You can also click on it to watch from our YouTube Channel. Super easy.

We pop in for interactive news colabs with YOU if there is Breaking News or a subject we just have to bring up. When you feel your opinion needs to be heard, you can pop into a seat on our shows anytime we are LIVE! We will put you on air for a few minutes, or text us your comments in the side bar. Subscribe for these shows anytime here & you will get a weekly reminder.

Micro-Podcasts are the new Email Blast.

5 Minute bursts of info are my fave, along with The Kristin Cruz News when I read from Hot Headlines around the globe. It’s the Morning Show DJ in me that just has to make sure you can walk around informed & up-to-date. My favorite way to get all the latest is by hitting PLAY when I’m making breakfast for the kids. Try it out here on iTunes.

Get your weekly #BestofLA things to do in Los Angeles with Kristin and Laura at the beginning of every week.

Have a great week & remember to have some fun with it. It’s a great week in the city, if you make it that way. We are here to help.

XO, Kristin Cruz Radio//Blog//Blab

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