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3 Things I Hate About Summer

I threw my hands up and turned to the experts for help with these 3 dreaded Summer have-to-do’s that every mom must face: 1. Swimsuit Shopping 2. Faux Tanning. 3. Body Hair Removal

Never mind what you think you know, just do as these experts say, and don’t get creative about it. I’m not a rule-follower by nature, but if there are instructions included then I do read them. How many years have I tried it “my way” and failed, and hated Summer? This week we’re flipping the script. I’m blogging our beauty blueprint for Summer 2016, & doing my best to do as I’m told.

How does a Mom define & create her personal Summer Style?

I was at my friend’s country club yesterday, and couldn’t help but to check out the moms and dads. I grabbed a good eye-full of what the trends are & how my body compares with the other mothers. Uh, it sucked. But I did it, so you don’t have to. Here’s what I took away:

Everyone is rockin’ the “tankini”. But, are they? Are they reeeeally? “Rockin”? I feel like the tankini basically announces that you’ve got something to hide under there. The floral print skirt/shorts/tank/dress/thingy is like waving the white flag of defeat. “I’m a mom who’s given up on Summer.” But on the other hand..  We can’t exactly wear a string bikini anymore, can we? Zero support. Tiny triangles. Accessorized with trucker hat and a beer. Now that’s more than just waving the white flag- That’s giving Summertime the finger.

I don’t know which way to go. Elegant? Sarong wrap knotted at the side. Wedge heels to elongate my chunky legs. Full make-up. No swimming.

OR, do I go Sporty Spice? Hair in a ponytail to say “I don’t care how I look! I’m here to play with my kids & have fun! Yeah!”

OR, do I just go slutty? All boobs. Distract them with cleavage, start ordering cocktails, and remember Summer can’t last forever..

Summer sucks.

Feeling good in your own skin.

The Redbook website saves me in times like these (and the leftover promotional vodka in the freezer helps) to figure out my woman problems and actually enjoy! Find solid tips for buying the right swimsuit here.

And as far as Faux Tanning & Bikini Waxing goes.. You should say “Yes” to both. IMHO a little tan skin and trimmed bikini makes a mom feel like she’s still got a shot at feeling like her old self again. I think it’s actually scientific fact that you look 5 lbs thinner with a tan 😉

Get your professional wax or use a home hair remover kit (I have the Flash & Go). Buy some Tend Skin which I got from a Hollywood waxer who had Melanie Griffith’s picture up on her celebrity wall. She’s an actress I think always just emitted a super sexy energy about her. Maybe it’s the bikini wax that’s part of the reason why? I became a regular customer.

Here’s a link to my 2 favorite tans that I use before I go on camera: The Mystic spray tan Level 2 with bronzer. Stock up on Matte Body Perfection Gel Tan from Per-fekt (Get 10% off if you click this link & 25% off if you are a Perks Partner. Yay!) and I use Dr Dennis Gross Face Tanning Towels because they also exfoliate- that’s a major bonus time-saver busy moms.

Let’s say Hello to Summer with a big ol’ hug. It’s what’s inside that makes the outside GLOW.  If we can remember that then we will wear a beautiful smile, which is the prettiest thing there is.

I feel like this year we are going to really have a handle on this season. And if not, there’s always a can of straw-ber-rita that fits in your purse & has your name on it. I got you covered.


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