Unforgettable: Rosario Dawson and Katherin Heigl, plus margaritas.

My full movie review of Unforgettable is up on MomAngeles.com. That’s the website that is always my resource for #momlife. Where to go. What to do. For moms, by moms.

Throughout the story, I found myself cheering for both leading ladies, Tessa & Julia. The group of gals I went with agree. It was impossible not to find a little bit of yourself in both of them. Feeling sympathy & hostility toward both leads really messes with your mind. Just like the way the characters are messing with each other! The more I think about this movie, the more I think it鈥檚 so brilliant.” -Kristin Cruz, Unforgettable

girls night out moms unforgettable

This weekend.. Grab your girlfriends and go see this movie! Starring Katherin Heigl, Rosario Dawson, Cherly Ladd. Directed by Denise Di Novi. Warner Bros. Pictures, RatPac.


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