My Life In The Sunshine

Take 3 Deep Breaths Lady

Baby Cruzer We need to dive into my audition for ABC’s The View. It’s been a long day, and if I can get these 2 naked children into bed soon, maybe we can chat about it on a live podcast. 6 years of interviewing celebrities on a live show…

& weighing-in on all kinds of subjects on cable news shows & working red carpets.. I’ve learned some things about being a journalist & show host. Hopefully I brought it to the table today at my meeting for The View.

I still have a lot to learn- and I’ve been so lucky to learn from some of the best in this business from Regis Philbin to Dr. Drew to legendary radio program directors. Could you imagine learning from Barbara Walters? Whoopi? It’s so humbling, and exciting and also makes me kind of feel like throwing up. Just being honest.

I was a little nervous today, but I had so much fun. And I really tried to remember that I worked hard to get here, and I am good at this. I have to remind myself of that because I tend to downplay my accomplishments I’m really better at selling other people’s talents. That’s part of what I love about interviewing people.

Here are a few of the truly valuable things I’ve learned in my career, that I remind myself about.. Like today:

If you make popsicles with the kids before you leave the house, then when you return (and they are inevitably angry with you for having a life) then you whip those puppies out of the freezer, and Voila! You’re back to being ‘Best Mom Ever’.


3 deep breaths.

Just be yourself at an audition.

Let yourself obsess about it for 1 Day, so you can learn from it, write about it, then let it go forever.

Tomorrow is a new day.

You never know for sure what’s going to happen. So,

don’t limit your dreams.

You do create your own opportunities.

Make sure you’re ready.

Think positive.

Tell people what you want- otherwise how will they know?

When you achieve your goals, give yourself a chance to acknowledge your good work.

Look at how well you have done!

You deserve to set down your worries, ignore the everything-else for a minute, and get drippy popsicle kisses in your hair.

Lastly, everybody needs a theme-song. (I know that one was random. But the right music can make all the difference.)


    1. Thanks mama! Yes totally UR so right. If nothing else, I’m so excited to be in the running for anything with ABC TV. I loved filling in for Kelly Ripa in NYC– that was ABC. We seem to have a “thing”. ;)


  1. I bet you rocked that interview! You really are incredibly talented and good at what you do. I love following your blog and podcast, I’ve learned so much about you that I didn’t know!


    1. You’re so rad Lindsey. Thanks for saying that! The View would be awesome. It went really well.. and since then other steps have been very good too. YAY! But hey, I’m just honored to be considered. THere are some other things in the works- other shows- it’s turing out to be a little crazy. And here I was thinking I would just take the Summer off. hahaha.. It’s that how it always happens. I think you rock. PLEASE keep in touch on here. I love your posts on Instagram. I need to post some up here for our iHeat Moms community. XO! Kristin


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