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Discover my take on things from an LA native. Appearing to talk about SoCal happenings. Contributing my parenting tips, staycation finds, & hot mom-trends. Shows, Chefs, Staycations and Special Events. See my special deals too, on

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Hear my success stories & tips for finding JOY at home & at work. Learn about crafting goals, being a #MomBoss, branding yourself, & launching a total 2.0. Articles on, LinkedIn & TODAY Show Parenting Team

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Just a click away- Check out my Monthly Blogtalk Radio Podcast. Momming ain't easy. That's why you have a MOMtourage. (And wine.) Access shows on-demand at

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I was a writer before I was a mom, a radio DJ or a music video producer. Since 2008 I've chronicled the real journey of IVF, dream-jobbing, motherhooding, rebooting and covering some ridiculously talented people & glamorous hollywood happenings. My mom advice: Always stirred. Never shaken.