Surprise! You’re pregnant.

When I first shared about going on TV to promote “Pregnancy Awareness Month”, I had people calling my radio station with a bit of a laugh in their voice, saying: Women don’t know they are pregnant?

Haha (Well, the Real answer is: You would be surprised! I have some stories for you! But that is a whole different kind of reality TV show , for another time.)

The people behind PAM make sure, whatever your reality is, that you have the opportunity to be educated, connected and yes aware of all that comes along with pregnancy. It’s a LOT to handle. So they created a place where families come together once a year in LA for a FREE event, to share stories, hear experts speak, enjoy the day, and fill their bag with product samples. May 3, on the Westside, all day!  Get your free tickets now & follow @pregawareness on Twitter.

In celebration of “May PAM” as we call it, I’ve partnered with more good people to do some pretty fab giveaways. To kick it off we have a brand new super hi-tech baby monitor from Motorola. All you do to enter to win is join us tomorrow online for our #MommyMonday Twitter Chat 12 noon PST. Follow me @KristinCruz @MomAngeles & @PumpStation to keep up with the convo.

Happy Pregnancy Awareness Month!

Now you know. ;) 


Kylie Jenner eats Lucky Charms too. How did the Kardashians get marshmallows only? No fair.

Luck of the Mom-ish

Remember how excited you were to have “electives” in high school? The goal: Pick the easiest class.

All the girls picked “Home Economics” if they could get in. I mean really.. Have you ever met anyone who failed Home Ec in school?

You have now.


So last week I signed up to bake cookies for the St Patrick’s Day party in my daughter’s kindergarten class. It’s tomorrow. Right now I’m in the kitchen procrastinating.

Normally on Monday nights I host a radio show. My podcast is called The Curve because motherhood threw me a major curve ball. Also because I had a MAJOR learning curve when I decided to stay home with my kids after 6 years hosting morning radio in LA. They ate popsicles for breakfast the first 2 weeks I was a new “stay-at-home-mom.”

Needless to say I’m aiming to bake from scratch for this freaking holiday party at school! If I’m going to be “at home” I’m gonna be June, the OG, Cleaver! That is why I had to grab low for a recipe I could tackle successfully in my rookie status. Here is how I am learning the challenge sitting before me called: Rice Krispy Treats

Wish me luck. I lived in Ireland for a while as a teenager (long story). Maybe I brought back a little bit of that luck o’ the Irish with me.

Cheers! XX Kristin


MOMBuzz Daily

New show: Are you watching “MomBuzzDaily”? #earmuffs

…Including: What to do with your dead pet? Free-range parenting. Four letter words for 12 year old boys. And a rice krispies treats recipe that’ll make YOU the favorite parent. It’s all covered in today’s MomBuzz Daily”.



Enjoy! Caution: Both the show & the treats may give you a stomach ache.

Proceed with caution, and your drink of choice.

XO, Kristin & The MomBuzz Daily

Kelly Clarkson Stronger What Doesn't Kill You Dance Video Still

It’s Time To SPRINGforward In Your Work

It’s Time To SPRINGforward In Your Work

My advice for almost anything:

It’s only temporary.

What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger (thank you Kelly Clarkson)

Find the silver lining.

These adages apply as we bare down for the sh*tstorm that moms like to call: Daylight Savings.


This Saturday night at 12 midnight you must set your clocks FORWARD 1 hour. What does that mean to us?

It’s 1 hour less sleep.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

The silver lining is: The kids might sleep in later. (Amen to that.)

In the theme of things.. My girlfriends at MomAngeles and I came up with the idea that we all need to SPRINGforward, in a good way, when it comes to our careers after baby. Sometimes it takes a little push, and the help of someone else’s re-boot success story.

We’ve got 2 that will work fabulously.


Up close with Jill Simonian (Hallmark, REELZ Channel, HLN) who sprang from the Red Carpet to find herself with pregnant, out of contract, & looking fabulous. She reinvented herself in a way that worked for her family & still provides a FAB life.


Jennifer Armstrong MD has made it her life’s passion to help treat skin cancer, better. So she invented a better way. Worked with top specialists at Newport Brachytherapy Skin Cancer Institute and opened her first 2 SKIN CANCER RX locations in Southern California. If you have cancer or know anyone that does, then this podcast is an amazing piece of information for you to take with you.

And we’ll leave you with this piece of career advice, out of the mouths of babes, “Worry About Yourself!”: 

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Red (hot) Carpet Celeb Moms: How do they do it? Fitness expert Jeanine Detz keeps it real.

Watching the Oscars Sunday night.. Red Carpet Moms.. the gowns, the politics, the accolades, the awkward moments, the shout-outs, the after parties, the late night talk shows & a call to your mother.

That’s a wrap.

Now, let’s get back to what we were doing before last weekend. Ah yes.. shoveling chocolate candies and breaking New Year’s resolutions so fast it’ll give you Whiplash.

This Award Show after-math is positioned just right to help us re-set & get back on track. Let’s get our focus locked & our healthy eating routine streamlined. After a romantic holiday binge it’s time to get real with these 3 little words:


It just got real in here. And there is no way I’m taking on this battle alone. I wouldn’t expect you to either. Instead I’ve called friend & former SHAPE Magazine Editor, Jeanine Detz, to help us out.

Kristin:  As a fit mama of 2, tell us your #1 tip to tame this darn “belly pooch” that was NOT here before baby!
Jeanine: This is the number one body complaint of moms I know—what’s with that stubborn belly pooch? Besides the fact that some of us carry more weight around our middles, the squishiness is usually due to the fact that your six-pack muscles stretch apart when you’re pregnant, and often don’t close back up again. There’s an awesome trainer in NYC named Leah Keller who taught me an amazing move to fix this and the cool thing is you can do it anywhere (even while you’re sitting beside your baby’s crib at 1 a.m., which I know from personal experience). Sit up tall with your shoulders aligned over your hips, place one hand above your bellybutton and the other below it and push your abs back toward your spine. Take a really deep breath in and as you exhale pull your abs in even more. Now keep breathing as you just do those little ab compressions. Keep at it for a few minutes, take a short break and do it again. It tightens your deepest ab muscles that wrap around your waist like your fave pair of Spanx!
Kristin: How can we prepare like the celeb moms you’ve photographed, so we can look our best in front of the camera?
Jeanine: Most celebs tell me that when they’re prepping for a cover shoot, they make sure to amp up their workouts a couple weeks beforehand, eat a super-clean diet in the days leading up to it, and get lots of sleep the night before. So at the very least, follow those three steps when you’ve got a photo opp approaching. And don’t discount the value of styling. Celebs have people who know exactly which colors and styles look fab on them—and they don’t wear clothes they don’t feel great in, especially for a photo shoot. If you can’t afford to buy a new outfit that flatters your current shape, rent one! I’m obsessed with rent the runway because it lets you search for dresses by occasion and body type so you can borrow something that you’ll feel awesome in.
Kristin: As a busy working mom, what are the unhealthy traps we need to be aware of, and how can we avoid them?
Jeanine: Moms who are trying to cut calories to lose weight don’t count the food they eat off their kids’ plates—I’m sorry to tell you, but mac and cheese doesn’t have negative calories when it’s eaten with your fingers off a Frozen plate! We need to be aware of everything we put in our mouths. And fitness wise, as moms I think we sometimes over-exaggerate how much exercise we’re really doing. If you weigh 150 pounds and you walk for an hour at a pretty quick pace, you burn about 250 calories. That’s like half a muffin! To stay healthy as moms, we need to add higher intensity exercise to our days, which can be as easy as walking really fast every few minutes instead of just strolling.
I like the straight talk & if you need to hear more, you can keep up with Jeanine on Twitter.
Jeanine Detz

Let us know in the comments below if you have any hot tips or tricks that are helping YOU bounce back to your pre-baby body. Be sure to enter our podcast contest to win prizes from LoseIt. Winner announced Monday 11:00am PST on Twitter & via email.


Oscars Weekend: Have Kids. Will Party.

GET festive this weekend (even if you’ve failed at your big plans to attend The Oscars for your trophy, which is now just a depressing daydream you experience on your crappy commute to the job you hate). It’s time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s what we’re doing:

1) Keep Busy – If you are a parent, I know this one made you laugh. But seriously, just keep swimming today. We have Karate classes this AM, lunch with friends, been invited to a celeb gifting suite (for kids), and then maybe see a movie (NOT nominated. I’m considering the Sponge Bob movie “Sponge Out Of Water”.)

2) Get Rep Carpet Ready(ish) – I’m talkin Spanx leggings & a tunic top. That’s as dressed up as I need to get now-a-days. But, do put on some tinted moisturizer & mascara please (says my TV Host friend Diana Perkovic, and she’s right.) That instantly makes me feel better.

3) Get Over It – Can’t do that? Then make a quick list of goals that you want to achieve this year to move you closer to the red carpet. At least give your dreams some room to breathe & maybe that’ll spark the creative hobby you’ve been needing.

4) Get Together With Friends – We’re having a kid friendly Sunday night of guilt-free snacks while the kids play, still blissfully optimistic about life.

5) Get Social (from the couch) – You’re invited to give your opinion on celeb styles, Best Picture, best speeches, Angelina Jolie etcetera right from your living-room. There are live tweeting parties & chatroom discussions that have us “on the list”. I’ll be online attending a couple of celeb-friendly Twitter soirees. In my experience you never know which stars might stop by. You can find me @KristinCruz & #DPCarpetTalk & some others.

Let the Academy Awards 2015 weekend begin.. We’ll get through this thing together. XO Kristin

The list: This year’s official Celeb Swag Bag


For my Foodies: In the kitchen with Chef Wolfgang Puck. The Govener’s Ball Menu

Some of my fave & most memorable acceptance speeches in Hollywood history.


How To Make Your Treasure Map

My Maps: I learned about the practice of “Treasure Mapping” years and years ago from a very dear friend. I’ve enjoyed making then annually and sharing this secret with my close friends and now with my husband- who was reluctant, but was then blown away and became a total believer too. I’ve used this process to give closure to relationships and attract the best people into my circle. I’ve used it to create my dream-job, income, & even to help my quest for pregnancy through IVF. I have seen countless goals and aspirations come true using this method. I make my Map, admire it, frame it, and hang it somewhere I can see it every day, whether I take time to notice it’s details conciously, or not. It targets my dreams and puts them “out there” so I can move forward and let the path unfold. I tell you honestly and with excitement for YOU, that every time I make a new one, it works.


Margaret, Michelle, and Tracy: These are the women I learned all about Treasure Maps from. Everything that was explained to me in person is here on Margaret Wendt’s website. This particular post is a couple years old, but scroll down half way to see Tracy Cook’s step-by-step tutorial and definitions which will alway apply. Actually I’m glad they’ve left it up on the site because I refer back to it often. It’s a really great website too- there are always new articles from Margaret & her team of experts. Definitely bookmark it and spend some time checking it out when you can.


Please let me know in the comments below how your process is going! I’ll update here for you as well and we can send each-other support.

Thursday is the night! Our Chinese New Year & Treasure Mapping Party! I can feel the excitement in the air already. I can’t wait to launch my new year in the exact direction I want it to go. For me, this is the perfect time to paint the setting for my life’s next adventure.


“Gung Hay Fat Choy” Good luck to you and have fun! I truly believe that the passion and energy you put into this project will directly affect the results you get out of it.

Happy New Year! XO Kristin <3

UPDATE: Treasure Mapping 2015 – Create Your Destiny

Originally posted on KRISTIN CRUZ:

Let’s do a step-by-step blog experience through how to do your personal Treasure Map this week! For now, gather magazines and pieces of inspirational pictures & literature that you can cut up and paste. Use a shoes box- you can decorate that and make it special too. Put together papers that represent what you want for your life in the upcoming year. Then, on Tuesday I will post what to do next. [Check out the “finished product” example below. ] Get excited about this. It changed my life.

This week: It is the Chinese New Year on Thursday February 19th.. That’s a perfect time to (re)start your new year too.

treasure map

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*original 2013 post no longer available on the KOST radio website*

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A.S. Beautiful Gift Boxes

“Love Your Work” – A Special Valentine’s Day Edition

Nobody says we have to do things a certain way. We learn by example & what we are told is right or best.  My mother’s example taught me one way to be a mom. 80’s sitcoms, another. Now Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer shares her method with the world. When we look beyond all of that, & decide to redefine motherhood for ourselves, we find new ways to express our love & creativity & true passion. Why not make your path the way you want, based on absolutely nothing but your gut. And really, is there anything better?

When I decided to flip my life on it’s head in San Diego & go after the morning radio spot in Los Angeles, the odds were against me. But, that was my goal & it made me even more determined. It may not have been the likely outcome, but I landed a possition in the #1 market in the country, that only 1 other woman had ever held.

How likely was Sara Blakely to sell you a girdle? How about Ali Webb promising to not cut or color your hair, but to just dry it for you. A colleague of mine named Melissa Carbone, who you may recognize from Shark Tank, wanted to turn haunted hayrides into a million dollar business. What were the odds?

Heart Shaped Box

This week’s podcast & Twitter chat is all about Valentine’s Day, & next week is too. You know I love the holidays, gift-giving, & sharing my family traditions. I also love stories of passion & success. I feel that beating-the-odds when others say you can’t do something, and following your heart, is just as sweet as a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Andrea Schroder

Andrea Schroder is our guest on The Curve presented by MOMs In ME*dia, hosted by Kristin Cruz. Listen at 8pm LIVE PST. Discover what it takes to find your creativity & follow your vision. Leave questions in your comments below & join us today 11:00am PST for our Twitter chat with MomAngeles. From Valentine’s Day gifts to persuing your dreams, it’s all about listening to your heart. (I say “gut” but it doesn’t sound as romantic.)

Happy Valentine’s Day prep-week from iHeart Moms!

A.S. Beautiful Gift Boxes

Our Podcast Contest this week will help you give the gift of beauty & continue to feel inspired at home. Tune in tonight & join our Twitter Chat today to win creations from Andrea Schroder & sweets from Betty Jane Candies.